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Through volunteering, Doc Hall has played a big role in advocacy, fundraising and promotion of the American Lung Association.  He is an extremely charismatic and natural leader; Doc has helped us to engage and retain new board members and volunteers in the Ocala area.  His generosity has been a wonderful gift to the American Lung Association of Central Florida and as the owner of Doc Hall's Fitness and Nutrition Superstore in Ocala, he was quick to offer his business as a meeting spot when the need arose for a new location for Marion county board meetings.




Doc's creativity and initiative has helped us further achieve our mission. Understanding the uniqueness of the community he resides in, Doc came up with the idea of putting together a team of walkers for the Ocala Holiday parade to promote the Fight For Air Ocala Asthma Walk. This walk draws the whole community together and is the area's biggest annual event. He is organizing this event on his own and his team will be passing out walk flyers to onlookers to promote the event and gain community awareness and exposure of the American Lung Association.


His work covers many areas of our organization. Prior to the cigarette tax being passed, Doc spoke to several groups on our behalf promoting and advocating for the tax. As far as fundraising, he has used his business to sell American Lung Association decals to raise money. He is also offering t-shirts and incentives to those who visit his store and sign up for the Fight for Air walk in Ocala.


"I truly believe that one person can make a difference in another person's life, and when several people team up, they can accomplish amazing goals and make a lasting difference in the community and in the world."